Humboldt’s Finest Raw and Uncut produces the highest quality live resin concentrate for the California market.  With techniques that have been perfected with over 15 years of experience, the proof of concept can be seen in the 7 High Times Cannabis Cup awards we have won since the fall of 2017.

    Humboldt’s Finest was the first company to make top shelf live resin available to the California medical market and has since established a large and ever-growing following with an unprecedented amount of brand loyalty. Over the years we have refined every step of the production process from seed to finished concentrate.

    Humboldt’s finest has both a natural advantage based on our location in the heart of the Emerald Triangle as well as a strategic advantage in the market due to our early entry and advanced skill. Our unparalleled experience, innovation and production knowledge allows us to constantly drive down the cost of our production and improve the quality of our products. Humboldt’s Finest Raw and Uncut is well positioned to be an industry leader in the California Cannabis Concentrates market.


    The farmers with best reputations seek out extractors with the best reputations. These are farmers that win competitions and consistently impress consumers. This is the reason we have seven (7) awards from cannabis cups in 2 years and 4 awards in the last 8 weeks:

• 1st Place, “Best Concentrate” High Times Nor-Cal 2017

• 2nd and 3rd Place, High Times Santa Rosa, June 2018

• 2nd and 3rd Place, High Times Sacramento, May 2018

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