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Sun grown flowers in the heart of Humboldt County.

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– What is Live Resin? –

Live resin is a popular extraction that embodies the full essence of the plant, as it is derived from “fresh frozen” whole plants, thereby maintaining the full terpene and cannabinoid profiles.  Educated and experienced consumers often prefer live resin over other products because it is considered superior in potency and flavor. As consumers have become more educated about cannabis concentrates, sales of higher quality live resin have escalated.  We sell to those consumers via dispensaries through our distribution channel and utilizing our large social media network to drive consumers into stores to ask for our products.




    Our goal is to continue to bring the best concentrates possible directly to the market place.  We believe it is everybody's desire to consume the finest cannabis products available.  And for connoisseurs, access to the most exotic products is a constant challenge we seek to solve.


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